Laserframe® SG8

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • Machine stress graded for structural assurance
  • Service and technical support from CHH Woodproducts
  • Fully supported by, and compliant with NZ Standards
  • Available FSC certified (FSC® C021357 and FSC® C011498) upon request


Laserframe Structurally Graded timber is fully supported by, and compliant with, the following New Zealand Standards:

  • NZS3603 Timber Structures Standard
  • NZS3622 Verification of Timber Properties
  • NZS3640 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber
  • NZS3604 Timber Framed Buildings

Safety & Handling

  • Product may change dimension if it gets wet.
  • Always wear:
    - Goggles
    - Dust mask 
    - Gloves
  • Wash your clothes separately
  • Dispose of waste in an approved landfill
  • Do not use sawdust of shavings as animal litter
  • Do not use treated wood to cook food
  • Do not burn treated wood
  • Treated wood should not come in contact with drinking water


Technical Note

Trouble with Substitutes

Think hard and check before substituting one building product for another. Get it wrong and you could be creating quality issues and have trouble getting a Code Compliance Certificate.

Moulds on Timber

Technical Note relating to moulds on timber.

Information Bulletin

Laserframe - Do You Know How to Correctly Test for Moisture?

Download your copy of our guide to correct moisture testing.

Treated Timber and Plywood Hazard Class Quick Guide

Treated timber and plywood hazard class Quick Guide.


CHH H1.2 Boron Treated Pine Solid Wood

CHH H1.2 Boron Treated Pine Solid Wood

SDS LOSP Azole Treated Solid Timber

Chemwatch Data Safety Sheet.

SDS CCA Treated Pine Solid Wood

Chemwatch Safety Data Sheet.

Building Product Information

Laserframe® Specified for Residential Applications

Product Technical Statement and Building Information Sheet for Laserframe Specified for Residential Applications through NZS 3604 or Specific Design