Pinex® Anchor Piles

Pinex® Anchor Piles are part of CHH Woodproducts structural outdoor product range.

Pinex Anchor Piles are treated to H5 and are ideal for vertical and horizontal loads in residential applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Anchor Piles are the perfect solution for many outdoor projects
  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • Graded in accordance with NZS 3631 and tested in accordance with NZS 3605
  • Suitable in fully-exposed situations
  • Specified and sold in dry size but produced and provided wet
  • Available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified (FSC® C021357 and FSC® C011498) upon request

House Piles & Anchor Piles:

  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine
  • If House Piles are specified they can be substituted with Anchor Piles. If Anchor Piles are specified they cannot be substituted with House Piles
  • Anchor Piles resist lateral and vertical loads to the requirements of NZS 3604
  • Bracing requirements depend on circumstances
  • Anchor Piles are subject to proof testing
  • When tested, Anchor Piles exceeded the strength and stiffness tests required by NZS 3605
  • Treated to H5 ensuring that they will meet requirements of New Zealand Building Code for Durability


The following are the most relevant standards:

  • NZS3602:2003   Timber and Wood-Based products for use in building
  • NZS3604:2011   Timber Framed Buildings
  • NZS3605:2001   Timber Piles and Poles for use in Building
  • NZS3631:1988   New Zealand Timber Grading Rules
  • NZS3640:2003   Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber




Information Bulletin

Pinex Anchor Pile & House Pile Information Bulletin

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SDS Pinex Outdoor CCA Treated Timber

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Technical Note

Moulds on Timber

Technical Note relating to moulds on timber.

Trouble with Substitutes

Think hard and check before substituting one building product for another. Get it wrong and you could be creating quality issues and have trouble getting a Code Compliance Certificate.

Building Product Information

Pinex® Anchor Piles

Product Technical Statement and Building Information Sheet for Pinex Anchor Piles

Pinex® House Piles

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