Wood is one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials in the world. It comes with several notable benefits that comparable materials cannot claim. Timber is an appealing building material due to the fact that it is durable, economical and versatile. It is a durable material for both homes and commercial buildings. When properly looked after it can last hundreds of years. Studies have shown the economic benefits of different framing systems, and wood as a direct building expense is consistently the most cost-effective solution. Wood is a natural insulator resulting in reduced heating costs for the consumer. The versatility of wood can produce aesthetically pleasing outcomes and allows for interesting design. It is renewable, sustainable and grown right here in New Zealand making it a very ethical material choice.

At CHH Woodproducts we are committed to sustainability and the environment. Our commitment to the responsible sourcing of our wood resources has resulted in the independent verification with a FSC® Certification. Please find a link below to our FSC Certificates, for all of our timber sites.

As sustainability continues to become a more prominent factor in both the architectural and building community, CHH Woodproducts continues to search for methods that ensure that our customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment. Because we choose independently-audited and measurable processes, you can be confident that we take this responsibility seriously.

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More about Environmentally Responsible Wood & Wood Fibre Procurement Policy.

FSC® Certificates 

FSC C011498 Nelson Mill
FSC C021357 Kawerau Timber
FSC Controlled Wood Certificate Holders